5 Autumnal Lip Picks

Saturday, October 14, 2017

There's no denying it, autumn is the season for darker lips. It's like because the evenings are getting darker, so does lipstick. Now this doesn't necessarily mean donning a berry or purple lip, I think brown can be just as autumnal, so here are five lip products ranging from the berry and brown spectrums that I know I'll be wearing throughout autumn.

My ultimate lipstick is of course my beloved MAC Velvet Teddy, but I feel like it really comes into its element in the autumn time. Autumn isn’t just about berry lips, I think a brown nude can work just as well, particularly because it compliments burgundy eyeshadows like a dream.

Following from Velvet Teddy, if you love the shade but prefer a liquid form, look no further than the NYX lip lingerie on the shade Bedtime Flirt. Their shade range is amazing so I’m sure they do a whole handful that have this season down to a tee, but I love this one in particular and it has a really lovely to wear formula, so I love wearing it day to day.

Another MAC product I think autumn is the perfect season for is my Vamplify lip gloss in the shade Tuned In. Now I’m no avid lip gloss lover but that’s because I feel like lip glosses are often too sticky and lack pigment. This one is the total opposite - the pigmentation of it is insane for a lip gloss and it is the loveliest light berry shade. It’s dark enough to be a vampy autumn lip (as it’s name suggests) while also being everyday friendly - perfect for this season.

A liquid lipstick shade I love come this time of year is my Maybelline Vivid Matte in the shade Nude Thrill. I’ve tried a few liquid lipsticks (I’m growing to love them more and more lately) and the formula of this one isn’t my favourite at all - it just doesn’t seem to dry! Yet it has to be mentioned because of its stunning shade, it’s a real orangey Nude that kind of reminds me of the fallen leaves and I love pairing it with burnt orange eyeshadow.

My final autumnal lip favourite is one I bought at the start of last autumn, and therefore it just makes me think of this season so much because I wore it constantly this time last year. Urban Decay’s vice lipstick in the shade Backtalk is the perfect autumnal lipstick for when you want something a little bit darker to compliment your autumnal wardrobe. It’s a gorgeous purple toned nude and I think it’s simply perfect this time of year.

What are your autumnal lip must haves? I would love to hear in the comments, I’m always looking for new favourites!


  1. Lovely post, love the shades of these lipsticks!xx
    Have a wonderful day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Love Velvet Teddy - it goes with everything!

  3. These shades are beautiful! x


  4. Velvet Teddy is such a gorgeous shade! I actually need to buy it, I have a dupe from Wet n Wild but there's nothing better than having the original! Backtalk is so pretty too! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life