Topshop Autumnal Favourites

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A few months ago, as I browsed through my local Topshop with my friends following behind me, they remarked, 'this is your sort of shop, Erin'. I'm not too sure what they meant by that, but as I walked past Topshop only a few days ago, I peered in and certainly liked what I saw. Their autumn collection looked to die for, so today I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

When it comes to embroidery Topshop are often doing it right and same goes for this T-shirt! I love how they offer it in so many different colours, my favourite out of them is the grey. I've seen it in the shop a couple of times but they never seem to have my size which is so annoying! It just has to be one of my favourite t-shirts they have in at the moment.

I love long coats, I bought one from New Look last year and have just started to wear it again. Topshop offer a lovely selection this year, such as this textured jersey one. I tend to get a lot of coats and jackets from New Look and although they are affordable, you can guarantee one from Topshop will last you that bit longer with its steeper price tag.

The burgundy cord pinafore dress in their new in is so lovely; of course I am the biggest fan of burgundy, so I feel like this would be so autumnal and so wearable over the upcoming months. I love how you can wear sweaters under pinafores and still feel a little more dressy and they are so comfortable. I don't think the price of this one is bad at all compared to others as well.

Topshop jeans are generally one of the more expensive options of the high street, but you can only presume this would mean better quality and fit right? I have never actually tried their jeans, but so many of theirs look really nice, especially these, because aren't black ripped jeans a neccessity in any autumnal wardrobe?

Sweaters are such an essential this time of year - I literally live in them, I'm not kidding, and one of my favourites they have in at the moment you may remember from a haul I did last month. I love washed pink colour of it and it's so comfortable. I also think it's really affordable for the quality of it.

I am loving the look of loafers at the moment, I don't know why in particular but I think they look so chic and I love how they can be worn super casually or dressed up. Of course I found some in burgundy that I think are really pretty, they also offer a black pair if burgundy wouldn't suit your wardrobe as much, but I think burgundy shoes really fit in with the season.

This year I've made it my mission to get some chelsea boots for the Autumn, and although I struggled to find any at all in Topshop yet, these boots are of a similar style and really nice. These boots in particular are a bit too heeled for me I reckon, but I love how they would match with absolutely everything.

How are you preparing your wardrobe for autumn?


  1. Topshop do some really lovely quality jumpers. I can't help but want them all!

  2. I don't tend to shop in Topshop much as the prices scare me haha! They do have some really lovely bits though xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. That can be true! However I think some things can be pretty affordable, I didn't think my sweater was bad for £24 when it's much better quality than one that's about £15 somewhere like New Look x

  3. Oooh I have a TopShop gift card so I'll have to have a look!