I Hugged Danny?! | The Script Freedom Child Tour

Friday, September 01, 2017

When the script announced a pre-album release tour a couple of months back, I was really excited to try and get tickets. I had seen them in Manchester just over two years ago and loved them live, so seeing they were doing a date in a blackpool, even closer to me than Manchester, I knew it was going to be amazing.

I arrived at the venue at 4.30pm for doors at 7pm and was not expecting the queue to already be as long as it was. Getting into the venue three hours later I managed to have a pretty good spot five rows back. It was right in the centre so the view was really good.

The Script were supported by J P Cooper, whose song 'September Song' you will most likely know. The Script always manage to get good, chart selling support acts (Tinie Tempah on the 2015 arena tour is still to this day one of the best supports I've ever seen) and he was really good.

The Script burst onto the stage at quarter to nine with a brand new song Rock The World. Unfortunately right as they went on the stage, my mum fainted so I have no idea what that sounded like! We were moved out of the crowd to the side, however still had a really good view, especially because it was raised on a step and had loaaads of room for dancing. I can't say the stewards were very helpful in that situation though unfortunately.

My mum was much better by their third song, Paint The Town Green, which was so good because it is one of my favourites - I think it's one that really gets the crowd going. They went straight from Paint The Town Green into Good Ol' Days, a favourite of mine off their third album.

Other highlights of mine during the night included Never Seen Anything Quite Like You - I remembered how amazing the live performance of it is - and a new song of theirs called No Man Is An Island. I love the lyrics and it's one you can have a proper dance to. Plus, Danny waved to me during it! I was dancing along with him (probably looking like a lunatic but who cares) and must have caught his eye so it felt really special.

My favourite song they played was Science & Faith because it is my favourite song of The Script and I had never heard it live before. I was smiling so much during it my cheeks hurt and I even shed a few tears at one point - because of how amazing it was of course!

I loved how they played some old classics too, such as Breakeven, The Man Who Can't Be Moved and For The First Time. Another amazing moment was when Danny climbed up to the balcony during The Energy Never Dies, I was just thinking only he would do that!

The encore began with No Good In Goodbye, which has the best guitar intro EVER. They then played their new single Rain which I really like. They finished their set with Hall Of Fame, again another classic favourite and the perfect ending.

When I thought it couldn't get any better and the crowd were singing along 'be a champion...', Danny went out into the crowd and at first I thought he would just be high fiving people right at the front, like he had done at another point in the set. But no, all of a sudden he appears at the side where me and my mum are stood, and hugged us with the hugest smile on his face (and believe me I had the hugest smile on my face too). He then high fived a few people at the side of the crowd and then on his way back hugged us again! I couldn't believe what had just happened at all.

Seeing The Script on their Freedom Child tour was beyond incredible and I cannot thank Danny enough for coming to see us at the end, he was so lovely! I love the meaning behind their new album as well which was released today, so make sure to check it out!


  1. Ahh that sounds amazing!! I've really only listened to Hall Of Fame by them - but I absolutely love that song so I think I may have to check out some of their other songs :))

    ~Iris xoxo

  2. It sounds like you had such an amazing time and what a cool experience getting to hug him! Hope you're mum's better now! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com