The Script Freedom Child Album Review

Monday, September 25, 2017

A few weeks ago I went to see The Script live and heard a preview of their new album, Freedom Child. Two days after I saw them, it was released, and over the past few weeks I have listened to it a lot. Now I have got to know it, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

The album consists of fourteen tracks which is rather long for The Script who on avarage usually have about eleven tracks on an album. With more tracks you start to wonder whether they have gone for quantity, not quality but you couldn't be further wrong.

The album starts with No Man Is An Island which I honestly think starts the album perfectly. It's all about togetherness such as 'when you're going solo end up feeling so low' and it just reminds me so much of dancing to it on tour. It's followed by their first single off the album Rain which is one of my favourites of the whole album I think. I remember listening to it the first time thinking that it wasn't a 'Superheroes' or 'Hall of Fame' like the last albums but that doesn't matter, it's different and I really like it.

Arms Open is a slower ballad type and again, another of my favourites. I think it's the type of song that needs to be heard live for all its awe and is definitely a stand out track. Rock The World is faster paced and really fun.

Mad Love, the fifth track, is a song off the album I've listening to quite a lot, but try having those lines 'I'm your great white, you're my piranha' over and over and over again for a whole day. So catchy. It also has those more 'rap' kind of vibes that were really prominent on their third album.

Deliverence is a track where you can tell The Script have dabbled a bit more into an electronic sound, but the good thing is they don't overdo it. The track still sounds just like them, and it's not a bad change. Divided States Of America is all about uniting the world and I love how so many of their lyrics are really meaningful, especially in today's world.

The second half of the album begins with Wonders, which I love because it really makes me feel like going out and living life (it's just really inspirational okay). The album carries on with a few songs that I am yet to get into but I know, of the few times I've listened to them, that they are really good.

Written In The Scars was released early so I've got to know that one quite well, I love the message behind it (that doesn't kill you makes you stronger vibe). It is followed by a short instrumental interval Awakening which fits perfectly with the final track, another favourite of mine, Freedom Child. I said earlier the album began so perfectly, and it also ends the perfect way too with its title track.

I have both the vinyl (my very first proper vinyl eee) and the CD booklet formats of the album and I absolutely love the covers of them both. I'm so happy they stuck with the navy/purple colour schemes of the last album and I think it's really nice and photogenic.

As I said before I love how meaningful all their songs are in their lyrics. They are so worth a proper listen to because they are not just good song, but underneath the music they are really fighting for freedom, as the even album title suggests.

The Script have definitely done it again with Freedom Child! Their other albums are some of my favourites and their fifth release has definitely followed. I can't wait to see them on tour again in February, they have been incredible live the last two times I have seen them and can't recommend getting their album and going to see them enough!

What has been your favourite album lately?

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  1. I actually haven’t listened to the script in sooo long now but I used to love them! I’ll have to give this album a listen to! X