MAC Lipstick Collection

Monday, July 03, 2017

MAC lipsticks have always been my favourite. Having tried many lipsticks from both drugstore and high end brands I've always found MAC's to have an unbeatable formula, and therefore over the past two years have grown my collection to eight MAC lipsticks, in four of their different finishes. I feel like now my collection is big enough to share with you on my blog so here we go!

The Mattes:

I've always been really impressed with MAC's matte finish formula. I was expecting them to be a lot more drying than they are - instead, they feel comfortable and like you aren't even wearing lipstick which is something I am always after. MAC's matte formula has to be my favourite mattes ever.

Velvet Teddy was the first matte lipstick from matte I owned. It's a heavily raved about shade and I can tell you that it definitely lives up to the hype - it's my favourite lipstick of all time! It is a stunning brown toned nude and I think the darkest of my collection. Because I love it so much I tend to wear it all year round but it is a really autumnal shade being so brown toned.

*Velvet Teddy pictured above

After loving Velvet Teddy so much I then bought Kinda Sexy. It is almost the more orange toned sister of Velvet Teddy and although I don't wear it as much I do really like like it. It feels just as nice as Velvet Teddy, however, I don't think it suits me quite as much so I don't get the same wear out of it.

My final matte is Honey Love, my latest addition to the collection. I bought this one on a bit of a whim from their website without swatching at all in the shop first (never seem to find it in stores!) and I am so glad I did. It's one of my lighter nudes, a very 'your lips but better' shade and is one of my most worn at the moment. It also pairs very well with their Subculture lip pencil.

 The Cremesheens:

Just like I own three matte shades, I also own three cremesheens - although there's only one which isn't limited edition!

My first cremesheen is called Only You, limited to the Ellie Goulding collection released last year. Since I'm a huge fan of both Ellie Goulding and MAC, it's obvious I was so excited by that collection and really like this lipstick. It's a little more on the peachy side and it's really pretty, especially in the summer.

mac lipstick collection

Magic Spell was a lipstick I got in the Nutcracker nude lip bag of last year's MAC Christmas collection. It's quite a dark dusky rose colour and it's really pretty. It is a real shame it's a limited edition lipstick because it is one of my favourites, I find it to be a really flattering shade and has a lovely sheen being a cremesheen, whilst still pigmented.

Modesty is my third cremesheen, it's a lovely everyday nude shade, I can see myself wearing this one a lot when I begin college. Although I don't think there's that much special about it, it is a really nice pink toned nude and one I'm happy to have in my collection.

The Other Formulas:

I also own one lustre and one satin lipstick. The lustre finish is my least favourite of which I own, just it feels nice but they are by far the least pigmented. On the other hand, the satin finish is my favourite. It has the sheen mattes don't have while still being very pigmented and comfortable to wear.

Patisserie is the first ever MAC lipstick I bought. At the time I hardly knew anything about lipsticks and their formulas, and I don't think nowadays I would purchase another lustre. They lack the pigmentation I like and I'm not overly keen on how much I can feel it on my lips. That being said, Patisserie is a lovely pink toned nude and I like wearing it over a matte liquid lipstick to add a bit of sheen, since it doesn't have much colour. I think it looks really pretty in the bullet as well and is perfect for a first MAC lipstick, as mine was.

Contrary to my opinion of the lustre formula, MAC's satin finish is most likely my favourite. It feels so comfortable, not at all drying and still has the pigmentation of a matte, just with a hint of sheen. Sadly I only own one, the shade Faux. Faux is a pink-toned nude but probably the most pink of my collection, so I particularly tend to reach for it if I have a more pink toned eye look going on. I love how it feels so I am dying to get another satin soon.

*Faux pictured above

The Swatches: 

Swatches of all eight I own! Trust me to not be able to swatch in a straight line. Also, apologies for the seemingly random order of swatches, they're actually in order of when I bought them - Patisserie being the first almost two years ago to Honey Love only a couple of months ago.
Completely unedited and you can tell by the swatches the formulas - Patisserie, the lustre is much more glossy and the mattes are more pigmented.

To round up, I think my top three are Velvet Teddy, Faux and Honey Love. Velvet Teddy is my number one, because it is seriously my most worn lipstick ever, I don't know what I would do without it! Honey Love, being a lighter nude, compliments a smokier eye so well and is also great as an everyday shade. Faux makes the top three being a satin finish, one I recommend trying so much!

Do you own any MAC lipsticks?


  1. Omg Erin your collection is amazing!!! Velvet teddy will forever be my fave lipstick! X


  2. MAC produtcs are honestly amazing, I really love your collection!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  3. You have such a gorgeous collection! Velvet Teddy is such a cult favourite!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. Ooh I've always wanted to get a Mac lipstick they look so good I really like kinda sexy because I'm a fan of orange coloured lipsticks so I'll have to look into this further!!


  5. Nice collection you have there! I also have Honeylove.

  6. I love mac lipsticks! My favourites are Velvet Teddy, Mehr and Plumful! I'm loving the look of Faux, will check this out in store!

    Lily |

  7. These shades are beautiful! You have a lovely collection :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. Girlie, I am in love with your gorgeous nude lippy MAC collection!! Those shades are absolutely stunning and wearable in any situation or setting. Velvet Teddy is such a staple, isn't it? I have never tried Honey Love and have heard many rave about it. I think I should invest into one ASAP. Another fave of mine at the moment is Whirl (as well as Brave) - they are a bit darker and Brave is on the pink beigey side but they are gorgeous on! <3
    xox Nadia

  9. I do love Velvet Teddy - it is one of my faves! It is also the first Mac lipstick I ever bought. It goes very well with Eastend Snob lip liner from Rimmel!

    Meg x |

  10. I only have one MAC lipstick and that's a red Lady Gaga limited edition one. I can't even tell you the name of it! I love the pigmentation in it, but it is quite drying on the lips so I don't wear it as often as I'd like to due to the colour. Out of the ones you have, I think Only You would have to be my favourite colour.

    I'm a little envious of your MAC lipstick collection to be honest!

    Lauren :) x