Grams I'm lovin lately

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Instagram, lately I have been trying harder to keep up with you. The app which used to be one of my favourites has become a bit of a pain due to its current algorithm which means I end up liking photos in my feed from over six days ago (who thought that was a good idea?).  Therefore, I am here to help and am sharing some of my favourite Instagram accounts I have been loving lately so you can show them some love and beat the algorithm.


Oh em gee, Tilly's Insta has to be one of my faves because of how beautiful her photos are together. They are all so light and airy and I love her use of blue and pink backgrounds on her flatlays! Her photos include flatlays, lifestyle and some outfit shots too. It's so pretty and you all need to go and follow.


Looking through my likes, Alesha's photos pop up so often because they are just too pretty to miss! I love the aesthetic her filter creates (I'm pretty sure it's similar to my own filter but used so much better, aha) and her grams match together so well. I think I need to mention how cute her dog is here as well!


Scrolling through my feed one day I liked one of Sophie's photos, which lead to me also discovering her blog, which I love just as much! Her photos are mostly beauty and fashion orientated with a few lifestyle grams thrown in there and they are so pretty. The marble-backgrounded flatlays are stunning and I love the lifestyle touches like the flowers too.


Solange's photography is simply amazing! The photos she posts are such good quality and she definitely has a skill for editing. Her views are absolutely stunning and really make me want to travel. Her latest grams of the flowers are also so cute.


Amelia recently restarted her theme and can I just say how pretty it is?! I love a good beauty photo which her feed mostly features and I love how she posts some really cute inspirational quotes too. She's definitely inspired me to check out colourpop because how beaut is her photo of their lipsticks? Her theme is quite pink toned which I obviously also adore.


Alongside being one of the lovliest bloggers I know, Eleanor's Instagram is so flawless. I love the touches of red and warm tones that pull together all her photos, her feed just seems effortless and so pleasing on the eye. She is so passionate about ethical clothing and this shines through in her Instagram.

Let me know who you've been loving on Insta lately below, I love discovering new accounts to follow!


  1. Beautiful accounts!

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this, I'll also make sure to check out the other ones you put in there!

    xx Solange

  3. Definitely going to checkout these IGers now! Great post, Erin! x