For The Love Of Lace

Friday, July 28, 2017

Clothing with lace detailing is one of my favourite fashion trends at the moment. So much as a lace trim can give an item of clothing a gorgeous girly feel to it which I love.

Customising clothes is an easy and affordable way to regenerate your old clothes and give them new life as the seasons and trends change. When I bought a pair of denim shorts from Next this year only to realise they were the exact pair I bought last year, I decided to change them up a bit and customise them.

Taking some lace patches from an old top which was partly ruined, I sewed them on to my shorts to make them unique and different to my others. I was really into sewing when I was younger, however I haven't done anything in a while so I decided to give it a go and really liked the outcome. It feels so good to say you decorated your own clothes you are wearing, while also reusing parts of old clothing that is no longer wearable.

I also feel my shorts match some of the items in my wardrobe so well now. This lace top I bought in New Look last year works perfectly with it. Although they don't sell it anymore, they sell very similar items and it's a top I've worn a lot over the past year.

I also think the shorts will work well with a cropped top from New Look for a more casual look. I thought of this top in particular when putting together my post because the lace trim fits with my shorts really well. The top is so pretty and I feel like I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it on holiday - they do it in a huge variety of colours, I also own it in peach.

Regenerating clothes to create something new for your wardrobe is something I cannot recommend enough, and it's also so much fun to have done it yourself. Have you ever customised an item of clothing?


  1. Adding lace to your shorts is such a nice touch! You know have a newer pair of shorts!

  2. That's so cute and resourceful! I also love the look of lace.

  3. That top looks so cute!! I love lace, I think it's so pretty xx

  4. I love that lace crop top. Loved this post x
    Ellie // Elzita

  5. The Lace Detailing is very pretty on the shorts!

  6. That's such a creative way of sprucing up old clothes! The shorts look great 😃

    Kizzi May

  7. This is such a clever thing to do! I agree, lace clothes are so beautiful and elegant ❤