Pretty Little Liars : Finale Thoughts

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Having just finished watching the final episode of Pretty Little Liars and finally finding out who AD really is, I decided to share my thoughts with you all on my blog. Obviously, this post will be full of spoilers so make sure to watch the final episode before you read! I may have not been caught up in the show for seven years since it began, but having watched it for about a year and a half, I was sad for it to come to a close.

Upon reading a few AD theories before watching the episode, I began watching in the hope it would be Ezra - a character who had been there since the beginning, and it never really made sense to me why he would need a whole lair to write a book. It would have been shocking and put a real dent in all the liars' plans since the Ezria wedding was the focal point of the episode.

I enjoyed how the episode began, the meal with all the main characters was sweet; although I couldn't work out why Toby would be there - he wasn't in a relationship with Spencer and clearly hadn't seen Aria or Ezra in a year so I didn't really understand why he would be invited. Nevertheless, I was really happy about the Spoby Scrabble scene since, as I tweeted after 7X18, their relationship used to be my favourite and when it had been brought back it seemed forced. I was glad it turned out the scene they shared in 7X18 wasn't the real Spencer.

Which leads me onto 'twincer', Alex Drake - AD. I didn't really feel like we were given enough answers as to why the game was set up, I get that her motive was being Charlotte's sister, wanting to find her killer but why be so awful to her twin in the process? I also didn't understand why AD protected Aria so much, being Spencer's twin I expected Spencer to be the one given the 'get out of jail free card'.

But I hardly even paid attention to AD's answers due to how much the 'British' accent made me cringe. I think Troian is an amazing actress, but why do all Americans think British people sound like that? I have seriously never met anyone who spoke like that and I just found the accent so annoying the whole way through.

As the Ezria wedding commenced without Ezra, it became clear he was also kidnapped by AD with Spencer, but I couldn't understand why. I was glad Spencer was united with someone but didn't see the motive to kidnap Ezra. Alex wanted to pose as Spencer so why would she ruin the wedding? Then try to kill Ezra? It didn't make any sense to me.

Amongst the other relationships, Emison getting engaged was a lovely scene, however, I never understood who was the father of Emily's children.
Should Hanna have taken Mona in? I think Hanna got Mona involved in the game so I think she had a duty to and couldn't understand why Caleb and the other girls didn't get that. I liked the final scene between the girls and I thought Hanna becoming pregnant was a nice ending. I felt like even though Spencer and Toby were always my favourites and the only relationship who didn't end up engaged, or married, or having children, the door was left open for them and I was happy about that.

I think, for a finale, the show lacked suspense - I think there needed to be a shocking death like Noel in 7X10. There were plenty of loose ends which didn't make sense - like the Melissa mask, and Lucas and Jenna dressed as circus performers at the beginning? Just unnecessary.

I liked the final episode, even if I think my favourite moment was the return of the drunk moms (please can they have their own show where we find out how they got out of the basement?). But after a whirlwind of an hour and a half, I'm still just as confused as before I watched it, and still have plenty of questions. Maybe I'll just have to watch it again and see if I can get past the annoying accent?

Let me know your thoughts on the finale in the comments!
*some photos used stills from the show, therefore not my own.


  1. I was so disappointed by the finale! I stayed up and watched the live stream, and I regretted it so much because it meant I went to sleeping feeling let down. I thought it was so stupid to give Spencer a twin, especially as it was never hinted at in the much earlier seasons (unless you count the first Halloween episodes with the story about the twins.)
    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

    1. Same! I didn't watch it live but I watched it as soon as I woke up without checking twitter, aha! I know, I felt like it was so random and we were left with so many loose ends - like I was hoping they would explain that halloween episode a little more eventually but they never did which was such a shame! x

  2. That was a really nice summary. I was also left wondering about so much thats why I ended up writing about it too.

    1. Thank you! I agree, I feel like I still have loads of questions! x

  3. I was very disappointed by this episode. I had confused emotions and a tonne of unanswered questions, but kinda glad it is over with now. haha.

    Lily |

    1. Same! That's true I'm glad it's over but part of me still wants my questions answered so I wish it wasn't, aha x

  4. I was so disappointed by this episode too! It could've been ended so much better, I was really hoping for a big shock like AD to be one of the liars or the boys! And I totally agree about the moms! I feel so let down that we did not find out how the got out of that basement!! x

  5. So good to hear your thoughts! I never thought about Toby being invited at the beginning, but that is such a good point! I think they kidnapped Ezra because he figured out it wasn't Spencer, but who knows! I don't understand the very start when Lucas and Jenner walked past them, that did not make sense at all! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. I feel like this post would make more sense to me if I'd ever really watched the TV show. I have my sister for updates though, so I have a base idea. I get the feeling that a lot of people weren't impressed with the finale.

    Lauren :) x