What's In My Bag? Exam Edition | Collab

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I am so excited to be doing a collab today with LifeInKateish, one of my lovely blogger friends! Since we are both so busy at the moment preparing for GCSEs we have decided to both share what is in our school bags during the exam season. Let's have a peek into mine and make sure you check out Kate's when you're done here!

My bag is a burgundy Superdry rucksack. It's my second SuperDry rucksack - the first I used for two years in Years 9 and 10 - and I really like them because they ate really durable while fitting all kinds of folders and books in. So... what is in it?

My Pencil Case

Although I'll be using a clear plastic pencil case when the time comes, I'm currently using my normal copper pencil case from New Look. I just have the essentials in here such as BIC biros, a ruler, pencil and highlighters.

Coloured Pens

My Stabilo fineliners have always been an essential for my school bag, but most important now. They are so useful to jazz up your notes and highlight important information. I use fineliners day to day at school to writing key words in my class notes but I find them even more useful when revising.

 My Pukka Pad

When we were first given Pukka Pads at school I wasn't sure how much I was going to use it. However now GCSEs are looming I have been using it constantly. I particularly find it useful to create mind maps for English literature or pages on the poems we have studied. I also really like how all my subjects are in one place.

Record Cards

I began using these in History when we started making revision notes and found them so useful I purchased some more for other subjects like the sciences. I'll keep a few of these in my bag if we are revising in class and I would prefer to make notes on cards than in my pad. They were super affordable as well from Amazon.


Of course as well as my school books for the lessons I have that day I also have with me a book I am studying for English, in this case, A Christmas Carol. I have this with me just to refer to when preparing quotes in revision.

Revision Guides

I don't have revision guides for all subjects because I find it easier to revise from class books, however science ones I tend to have with me a lot because it means I have all three science units in one book so it doesn't matter which our teacher decides to go through with us on that day.

Hand Gel

On the photo it looks pretty much empty (probably should get a new one!) but I find having my Soap & Glory Hand Maid hand gel in my bag really useful. I popped it in when I had my art exam because I would get graphite pencil all over my hands but I've kept it in for now just in case.


In the front pocket I have my calculator; a standard Casio so I'm ready for maths lessons and when it comes down to it - the maths calculator exams!

French Vocabulary Book

I also have in my front pocket my French vocab book, it's small enough that I just keep it in the front all the time so I don't forget because it's really good to make notes in class.

What do you keep in your bags during exam season? Make sure to check Kate's post out as well!


  1. Your handwriting looks beautiful and you look really organized. I've already started my GCSEs and I wish you all the best of luck because I know how draining it is, especially once you start! x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. The art thing is so true! I always need hand sanitizer with me when I am using graphite, it is so messy! Great post and good luck for your exams!
    Grace xx