Maybelline's Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara | Worth The Hype?

Monday, May 22, 2017

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It's very rare I get that excited about a new mascara launch, but Maybelline's latest, The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara, caught my attention as it was floating around the internet.

I was awestruck by its unique wand, thinner and curvier than one I've ever used before. Taken aback by the also gorgeous packaging in metallic purple shades, I headed to my nearest Maybelline counter and picked one up to see for myself if this affordable mascara is really worth the hype.

maybelline falsies mascara

At first try I was very intrigued as the wand brushed through my lashes. It's much more 'comb' like than your standard mascara, a feature that allows me to pick up every last lash. The thinness of the wand also allows you to apply closer to the root of your lashes and work your way forward, adding curl and length as you go.

I love how this mascara still allows my lashes to look natural yet fluttery because it doesn't clump at all. Having so many thin individual bristles is so effective at preventing clumps on my lashes.

The only downside to the mascara is that it doesn't provide as much volume as I may have liked, perhaps because I've also been using Benefit's They're Real lately which is renowned for its volume.

maybelline falsies mascara

As I mentioned before I love how beautiful and photogenic the Push Up Angel mascara is, Maybelline have really outdone themselves with their packaging on this one! I definitely think this mascara is worth the hype particularly because of its price at only £7.99! Maybelline always wins on the drugstore mascara front and this product is no exception.

Which mascara are you currently using? I'd love to hear your current favourite in the comments!


  1. I seriously want to try this! It sounds really promising

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. This sounds amazing but I unfortunately I can't use it as Maybelline isn't cruelty free. The floral print in the background looks amazing.

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  3. I want to try this as the wand looks really good but I've also been using They're Real and find myself repurchasing it time and time again. - Amy