Must-Have Benefit Minis

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands, and one reason why is you can buy many of their best selling products in mini size to see if you like it first. I've always loved my Benefit mini's I've got and thought I'd share with you some of my favourites today.

Roller Lash & They're Real Mascaras
Benefit's mascaras are possibly my favourite mascaras ever and the two I own in mini size are Roller Lash and They're Real. The wand of Roller Lash is curved which is perfect for curling lashes whilst They're Real is for you if you're after more volume. In my opinion, they are two amazing mascaras that you have to try if you never have before.

Gimme Brow
I first tried Gimme Brow a few months ago when I got a sample size with a magazine and instantly loved it. It keeps brows set all day and also adds volume as well because of its fibres which is great if you are like me and don't need to fill in your brows much but just need something to keep them in place.

Hoola Bronzer
I've always wanted to try the Hoola Bronzer so I was really pleased that a mini size came in my 'Benefit Besties' set I received for Christmas. The matte brown shade is perfect for contour and the mini size will last a really long time. I don't find the box packaging to be the easiest to use but it does keep its brush with the product well - I really like the brush it comes with too.

The Porefessional
Primer is that one product I'm ashamed to say I always forget to use, but when I do remember I grab Benefit's porefessional. It does what it says - diminishes pores really well and the packaging is the cutest.

High Beam
High Beam, Benefit's iridescent champagne-pink liquid highlighter is my favourite highlighter ever. I actually have three of these now - a really small 2ml size from my first Benefit set which has pretty much run out a 4ml I picked up from the Benefit mini stand in Boots and the third in my Benefit Besties set. It looks so pretty when applied to the top of the cheekbones and I sometimes opt to use it on my brow bones too (although I prefer powder highlight there, it's easier to blend). It's one product that I have to use every time I do makeup and couldn't recommend it more.

 What is your favourite Benefit product?


  1. Love this post! I've only tried a few of benefit's products. I love the hoola bronzer! I've tried the porefessional, but actually wasn't a fan, I have to try the highlighter xxx

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  3. I think the high beam highlight in mini is great because I've used my regular sized one for so long and it's lasting for ages!
    Kathy x

  4. I lovvvvee the They're Real mascara and really want to try the eyebrow products! Sometimes filling my eyebrows in can look a but heavy but this sounds perfect for everyday xx

  5. I haven't actually tried any Benefit products before but I really want too and the packaging is gorgeous! Hoola bronzer is top of my list of things to try! x


  6. I love Benefit minis! They actually last a really long time, and I personally can't resist buying my favourite products in mini form :) Lovely post, I'll have to try some of these minis out! xo

    Mae ♥

  7. I got this set too and agree it's a great way to try their stuff, the standouts for me were Hoola and Gimme brow