Sixteenth Birthday Haul

Thursday, November 17, 2016

On 6th November 2016 it was my sixteenth birthday. Now, I'll let you into a secret, those of you who have asked - being sixteen doesn't feel any different from fifteen at all! I received some lovely presents for my birthday and I really appreciate them all. I decided I would love to show you all what I received in a blog post - I am of course not bragging, that goes without saying!

The day before my birthday I celebrated it with my friends, who gave my presents then. Joint from two of them I received the Soap and Glory What A Cracker Set, which somes with six mini products such as Clean On Me and Hand Food. I love how they were each packaged individually in crackers - they even came with paper hats and makeup-related jokes!

From my other friends I receieved chocolate (some of my favourites including maltesers and milk tray) and an ear-muffs and travel mug set. The mug says on it 'Open your heart to new adventures' and I think that's really cute.

I then opened my presents from my family on my birthday. From my parents I received a rose gold charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo - I was expecting this one because I was there when they bought it but it's so pretty and I really like it. I'm not even much of a jewellery wearer (apart from a watch) but I've already worn it so many times.

I also received from them a Bare Minerals set which comes with the matte foundation and mineral veil powders, both with pink lids rather than the standard black because they were from the limited edition Icons Collection. They also came along with a pink makeup bag and a brush which is very useful. I then opened up a rose gold basket full of Soap And Glory Products, my mum picked out the items herself rather than getting a set so she was sure I would use everything. I receieved the Rich and Foamous and Sugar Crush body washes, the Clean on Me Shower Jelly, Mist You Madly Fragrance Mist and mini Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner.

From my brother I received The Vamps book, which I can't wait to read, along with some Thorntons chocolate. My Auntie bought me some dark chocolate (my favourite!), some fluffy socks which are so perfect for the winter months and a burgundy cardigan from Hollister. I actually thought recently I would have a look for a cardigan when I went shopping because I could really do with a new one and I had no idea she would get me one. It's so cosy and I really like it.
My Grandparents bought me a few items such as a pen, umbrella, Tatty-Teddy bear and also gave me some money alongside so I could choose what I want. As well as the presents I received I'm really appreciative of the money my other family members gave me.

My final present I received was when I went to visit my Auntie the Friday after my birthday. From her I received a notebook from Paperchase which I think is very pretty, I really love the quote on it. She also got me a gift card to spend in John Lewis, especially because they have opened a new store in Leeds, where I was going shopping the day after. On my shopping trip I bought Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette with my voucher and I am very excited to use it!

As I said earlier on in the post I am so grateful for everything I received for my sixteenth birthday. I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, whether that be a tweet, dm or instagram comment. I appreciated it so much and it makes blogging so worthwhile to speak to so many amazing people through it. Thank you.


  1. You got some lovely gifts, happy belated birthday! x


  2. Late happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful 16th!
    Kathy x

  3. Happy belated birthday! You got lots of fab gifts, I especially love all the Soap & Glory x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  4. Look's like you got some cute presents!! I love anything Soap & Glory. Happy late Birthday xx

    Lauren |

  5. Happy belated birthday, hope you had the best day! You got very lovely gifts! x


  6. Hope you had an amazing birthday! You got so many amazing gifts xx

  7. You're right, 16 really doesn't feel any different from being 15 hah. All your presents are so sweet, chocolate is always the best :)

  8. What lovely gifts! Happy Belated Birthday!

    Sophie xx |

  9. Soap and Glory minis are so adorable haha, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!♥ Leonie x

  10. Happy belated birthday! Great gifts :)