How To Get Over A Blogging Slump

Monday, November 21, 2016

We've all been there, I have myself recently - suffered with the dreaded 'bloggers block'. Whether you don't have the time, lack ideas or just generally don't have as much motivation for blogging as you used to, I've compiled some tips I use when I'm really not feeling as into blogging as usual.

Think about why you started blogging in the first place
Remember why you became a blogger in the first place. For example, instead of churning out blog posts weekly just to fit a schedule, I remembered I created my blog for a reason - a space to write about what I want on the internet. Focus on this reason more than posting for the sake of it, even take a break from blogging if necessary.

Chat to your blogging friends
Everytime I chat to my blogging friends, whether it be on a tweet or on a group chat, I remember that I wouldn't be talking to all these amazing people without blogging. That makes blogging so worthwhile and always makes me want to carry on.

Read other people's blogs
Many of my blogging friends have amazing blogs and that's the reason I started talking to them in the first place. Reading other blogs is a great source of inspiration - of course do not copy exactly what they are doing, but take a look at what they're doing over on their blog and get some inspiration from it. Pinterest is another amazing platform for getting inspiration for posts and photos. This being said, don't compare your blog for others, feeling like yours isn't good enough can really knock your blogging confidence - concentrate on how far your blog has come instead of others' success!

Read lists of blog post ideas
Usually when I'm in a blogging slump it's because I'm really low on blog post ideas. Try reading some lists of post ideas (I actually wrote one myself a few months ago!) and compile a list of your own favourites that you can then work from. You may not feel like all of them, but they are wonderful for generating ideas.

Become more organised 
Now that it's autumn and the days are a lot darker, it has become so much harder for me to take blog photos when I want. By the time I get home everyday it's too dark to take decent photos and this really drains my motivation. To solve this problem I've set aside time during the weekend to make sure all my photos are taken and have also started scheduling posts days before they need to go up. It always makes me feel proud if I'm ready ahead of time and lessens the pressure of blogging a lot.

Try something different
Have a good look at your own blog and see if it's the reason for your slump. Perhaps you're fed up of your current blog design, or you feel like the way you take your blog photos needs changing up a bit. Even doing something as little as changing your blog's fonts like I have done recently can have a huge difference and make you feel much happier about your blog. 

How do you get over a blogging slump?


  1. I find that looking at lists of blog post ideas seriously does help especially at this time of year when you mentally drained.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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  3. I am in a total blogger slump so this post has come at just the right time! Going to read your post on post ideas to get the ball rolling!

  4. I found this helpful! I'm not in a blogging slum, per se, but I think that I tried to niche myself too early and now I want to expand to do more.

  5. I could have used this post last month, but luckily I somehow picked myself back up from my blogging slump and muddled through - I also find having a good clearout/tidy helpful, that age old saying of tidy house tidy mind springs to mind, definitely seemed to help me anyway x x

    Jamie-Leigh x

  6. I really needed this post! I am in such a slump at the moment and I really need some advice xx

  7. Thanks for this post! I haven't been blogging for long but I think recently I've been in a bit of a slump because I haven't really found my feet with blogging yet!

    Hannah |

  8. I really liked this post, Erin! Definitely read other people's blogs. I always gain inspiration. As far as staying organized goes, I use Google Docs, to do lists, and I have a separate folder dedicated to all things blogging. I find that it helps me stay on top of my game. Great post! x

  9. I really feel like I've slipped into a blogging slump but this post has really got me excited about blogging again - thanks! ❤ Lily xx