Things I Love About Autumn | Collab

Monday, September 26, 2016

Finally, the evenings are getting dark, the leaves are falling and it's autumn again. Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons, of which I will be sharing with you all today in a collab post with the lovely Gabija of Make sure you check out what she loves about autumn after you've read mine! 

Cosy jumpers - Autumn is the season of sweaters and jumpers and I love it. They are so comfortable, recently I bought a new burgundy sweater from New Look which brings me onto my next point...

Wearing lots of burgundy - Lately I realised I own lots of burgundy clothing, it's definitely my favourite colour to wear and I think that's because I connect that colour with autumn so much. I love autumnal clothing in general though, I can't wait to start wearing my khaki parka again too.

Brown leaves everywhere - walking to school crunching the browned leaves as I walk makes me feel so happy. They are instagramable too right?!

Autumnal Makeup - I may not be one to be grabbing a berry coloured lipstick this autumn, but I think brown toned lips (such as MAC's Velvet Teddy) can be just as autumnal. Plus, just because I don't suit dark lips doesn't mean I can't appreciate the posts from bloggers who rock them! 

New music - The amount of my favourite singers and bands who bring out their new albums in time for Christmas buying is crazy. From September onwards I get so excited for new music and new tour announcements for next year. There's always something to watch on a Saturday night come autumn too; are you a Strictly or X Factor person?

Darker evenings - some of you may prefer the long days of summer, but personally I love the days when the sky goes almost pitch black before 5pm. On the contrary, I very much dislike dark mornings, they make me want to get out bed even less!

Better nights sleep - Although the dark mornings make me not want to get out of bed, it's also probably because in the autumn time, I have a much better night sleep than in the summer. My room just gets so warm in the summer time that it can take me hours to get to sleep. I feel so much more comfortable and less tired in the autumn.

Bonfire night - for those of you who aren't from the UK, Bonfire night is the 5th November and is one of my favourite nights of the whole year. The fireworks look so pretty and are so exciting, but I think there's another reason why I love this night so much...

My birthday! - the day after bonfire night, I do enjoy having a birthday in autumn. Sometimes I may be envious of friends with summer birthdays - last year on my birthday it rained almost all day! But it gives me something to look forward to before...

The lead up to Christmas - Yes, that's right, I said the C word! Before you know it, my birthday has been and gone and the countdown for Christmas is on. I love the festivities this time of year brings, it's so exciting.

Burning Candles - cosy evenings spent by the fire while burning a candle that makes my living room smell divine (thank you Yankee Candle!) is why I love autumn so much in a nutshell. 

What do you love about autumn?


  1. All your reasons are exactly the same as mine! My birthday is also in Autumn and I love Christmas so much haha! Also jumpers are my fave items of clothing EVER and I love being able to burn candles! Loved this post x

    1. Yay for autumn birthdays! Me too! I love jumpers too and candles just have a real autumnal feel about them! Thank you so much x

  2. Loved this post as well as collating with you! The sound of crunching leaves is for sure one of the best things!
    Gabija x

    1. Thank you, it was so lovely to collab with you! It has to be one of my favourite things too! x

  3. I'm a Strictly person all the way! Bonfire Night is one of my favourite occasions, I love it more than words can explain!! This was such a cosy read xx

    Phoebe & Abida |

  4. Lovely post! I'm really excited for Autumn makeup looks and fashion! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. All of the reasons why you love Autumn are very similar to mine! I love watching Strictly every Saturday night, it reminds me that Christmas is getting closer! My favourite thing about Autumn is the fashion, especially the winter coats.

    Hannah |

  6. Dark nights and cosy jumpers are my faves,your photos are lovely,I hope you do a blog about your birthday and all your autumn events!

  7. This was such a great ad relatable post! Cosy jumpers are definitely my favourite thing! x


  8. Autumn is my absolute favourite especially the big jumpers :)

    Jodie xx

  9. Snuggling up in warm clothes and knit wear is my favourite thing!
    Kathy x

  10. My birthday is in Autumn too! I love all things Fall, pumpkins, apples and wearing my leather jacket.
    A New Old Fashioned Girl