A-Z Of Me

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Recently I have read a few posts called the 'A-Z of me', where bloggers take each letter from the alphabet and choose something that relates to them. I thought it was a very cute idea and I love doing more personal posts so I decided to do it today on my own blog!

I really enjoy art, it is my favourite subject in school

 My favourite animal is actually a butterfly, and I collect pottery butterflies every time I visit Portugal

I'm happiest at a concert, I love them so much! 

Danny Jones
My favourite member of McFly, he is amazing and my goal is to meet him.

Everything Erin
My blog! 

 A topic I would love to blog about more often.

Geek Girl and Girl Online
my two favourite book series.

I really love Hollister, their clothes are so nice!

when I check my phone, the first app I check always has to be Instagram

Jack Wills
Another shop I love!

Lindt Lindors
As it says on the back of their box, they take me to "a place where chocolate dreams come true".

My favourite band who I can't wait to see live again soon!

The month of my birthday.
One Direction
How could I not include One Direction?

Pretty Little Liars
My favourite TV show, of which I'm currently counting down the days until season 7 starts.

People who don't know me very well would describe me as quiet, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing!

Rose Gold
I absolutely love anything rose gold!

Star Girl
A song by McFly and my favourite song ever

An app I'm always trying to use more! Come follow me @everythingxerin

United Kingdom
The country I'm from (I had no idea what to do for U!)

The Vamps
One of my favourite bands who I have met twice! They are incredible live!

"Who's To Say Tomorrow Won't Be The Best Day Of Your Life"
My favourite quote.

X Factor
I always get excited when this comes on TV because it means it's nearly my birthday and it's Autumn!

You & I
My favourite perfume at the moment (by One Direction)

My inspiration to start a blog

Those eagle eyed of you may notice I missed out K - I had no clue what to do for it! What would you put in your A-Z?


  1. My happiest place is at a concert, they are so great! x

    1. So is mine! If only I could go to concerts more often! x

  2. Wow! What a fabulous idea, I may have to do one myself (with your permission) Bo xx


  3. I loved this post! Really enjoyed finding out more about you xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  4. It's so much fun to find out more about person behind a blog! Considering I'm a new follower, I enjoyed learning a few facts about you :) x
    I think my obsession with rose gold is getting out of hand: I cried with happiness when my mum bought me prom shoes in this colour, LOL.

    1. Thank you! I love reading personal posts like this so I thought I would try one myself! I hope you enjoy following my blog :)
      I am so obsessed with rose gold! I definitely need to get rose gold shoes for my prom, thank you for the inspiration! x

  5. I can totally relate to PLL and rose gold! Totally obsessed with both.

    Mind checking out and commenting on my recent?

    Alice xo

    1. Of course! I am totally obsessed with PLL and I am so excited for season 7 this month! x

  6. Loved this post, it's great to know you a little better!
    Grace xx

  7. This is SUCH a creative post! Concerts are also my happiest place, they're great :) I just found your blog through #teenageteam and followed you on bloglovin and twitter :) If you don't mind, I might do a post like this of my own (I'll give credit to you of course), it's a great way to get to know the blogger!


    1. Thank you very much Amanda! I will have to check out your own blog now! Of course you should do a post like this, I would love to read your A-Z!x