The Lip Product Tag

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Recently I was tagged by the lovely Samantha of Blended To Perfection to do The Lip Product Tag. I haven't done a tag in what feels like such a long time, and the questions looked interesting because I am obsessed with lip products!

Here are my answers...

1. What is your favorite lip balm or treatment?
My favourite lip balm has to be the Maybelline Dr Rescue Baby Lips. I love the clear Too Cool one - I have to have it in my bag with me everywhere I go, I can't leave without it! It makes my lips feel super moisturised. If you like tinted lip balms, I love the Coral Crave shade of the Baby Lips Dr Rescue collection too.

2. What is your favorite eye-catching red? 
I can't really answer this question because I am much more of a nude lipstick person! Red really is not the shade for me! On other people however, Rimmel 107 looks really good, as does MAC Russian Red. If I was a red lipstick lover, I would definitely purchase those 2 shades.

3. Best luxury and drugstore product? Also, best MAC lipstick?
My favourite drugstore product have to be the Rimmel lipsticks, especially the nude collection. My favourite is the shade 45. It is a really lovely, wearable colour and definitely one of my go to lipsticks. My best high-end lip product would either be Benefit's Benetint - a product I really need to use more because it is amazing! Or my favourite MAC lipstick, which is in the shade Patisserie. It is a beautiful nude, lustre finish lipstick and I love wearing it.

4. Most disappointing lip product?
I can't say I've tried many disappointing lip products! Perhaps the No.7 lip gloss I receieved in my advent calendar because I wasn't keen on the smell of it, it has a really unpleasant scent! I think that is just my lip gloss though, don't let that put you off! I must give it another go. I've tried a few disappointing lip balms over the past year because nothing compares to baby lips in my opinion!

5. Lip liner: yes or no?
I really like using lip liner but I always forget to use it! I should really remember to use it more, it makes my lipstick last so much longer

6. Favorite lipgloss?
I love the Bare Minerals Marvellous Moxie lip gloss. I own the shade Spark Plug and it is lovely! I don't wear lip gloss often because I hate it when my hair gets stuck to it, but I have to make an exception for the Bare Minerals lip gloss because it is amazing! I highly recommend it because it has changed my opinion of lip glosses!

Thank you so much Samantha for tagging me! Let me know your answers in the comments!


  1. Patisserie seems great, I've been looking for a good nude lipstick so maybe I'll buy it! Nice post Xx

    1. You should, I love it! It's a lovely nude X

  2. great post I love the Rimmel London lipsticks too! Please check out my blog

    1. They are amazing! Thanks for reading, will do x

  3. I also love the Dr Rescue lipbalms, I have the Too Cool one xx

  4. I have heard so much hype around Patisserie, might have to try it!
    Grace xx

  5. I love the rimmel 45 lipstick it's one of my favourites! Great post X