A View Of London

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Friday I took a trip to London and took plenty of photos, so I decided to share them on my blog. I love to visit London and I wish I could more often!

My Tube Ticket. We took the underground to travel across London, and I can't say I enjoyed it - especially at rush hour!

Charing Cross Tube Station. One of the stations we changed at to get onto another line. I'm very glad I was with people who understand the different lines because I don't have a clue!

The Imperial War Museum. The first place we visited in London was the imperial war museum. It was very interesting so definitely worth a visit if you're into history.

Paintings in the museum. 

 M&M's World. M&M's World in Leicester Square was a fun place to visit, although the sweet smell does give you a headache after a while.

Purple M&Ms. The colour selection they had was incredible!

 Fountains in the square. Trafalgar Square was bustling with people.

 My View Of Big Ben. Walking past Big Ben, I had to try and get a photo, but most of them were blocked by people, so this was as good as they got.

Up The Eye! London Eye was a lovely experience on the sunny day I visited London.

A View Over London. It was hard to get a photo because of the sun, but the view was amazing.

Have you ever visited London? I would love to hear about your experiences! My trip was short but so enjoyable! My only disappointment was that I only got to spend quarter of an hour on Oxford Street while I was there but I hope to go back soon, London shops are my favourite!


  1. Wow, your photography is amazing! I want to go to London soon xx

    1. Thank you! You would really enjoy it, I did! x

  2. Your trip must have been great! I love the photos and the picture of Big Ben looks amazing even though there are people around it :):)
    P.S.- Your blog is amazing!

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it thank you x

  3. Wow! Your photos are incredible! I love how the people were in the photo of Big Ben, it sort of shows how busy London is! Great post!
    Charlotte <3


  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets a headache in the M&M's shop! That smell is so strong that you can feel it even if you're just crossing Leicester Square and not getting into the actual shop, hahah.

    I love London, I've been there about four times on holiday and I'm going back this summer too.

    Marti | paperplanepond.blogspot.com

    1. It's so weird, usually I love sweet scents but the M&Ms world smell is really overpowering! I have visited 5 times on holiday now and I've loved every time, I hope you have fun in the summer!x