My Instagram Diary | September 2015

Monday, September 07, 2015

Today I'm back with another Instagram diary!
The last time I did one was in June, so I thought it was about time to do another one. I will be sharing a few of my favourite photos I have uploaded in the last two months or so. I am a huge fan of having an Instagram theme, and my theme has changed a lot since my last Instagram diary. I found this video by Claudia Sulewksi very helpful.

A photo I took a month earlier than I posted it - my view of London, on a bus outside Oxford Circus Station.

A rainy day in England - every day.

 My new Hollister jeans paired with frilly white socks.

A photo I took at McBusted of Danny! Getting barrier at their show was an amazing experience.

A cloudy view from the window on the way to my holiday.

My gorgeous sea view from the villa I stayed in on holiday.

Some beautiful palm trees and boats I saw on my holiday in Portugal.

Finally, I shared a couple of photos from when I met Tom & Dougie from McFly. These photos make me very happy!

So that is a round up of my recent Instagram posts, many from my holiday away because the views were lovely! Make sure you are following my Instagram @erincroasdale, and let me know your Instagram in the comments because I am always looking for new people to follow!


  1. I loved looking at instagrams with themes! Although I can never personally really keep a theme because I always end up messing it up. Love your theme though :D The picture of your view from the plane is amazing! I have never been on an airplane so I just find it so fascinating when people posts pictures and the clouds are just so breath taking!! Also the view from the villa you stayed at looks amazing!! :D

    1. Thank you! The views from a plane are breath taking, I love it! It was also a really nice view, I'm so lucky! Thanks x