My Current Top Five Songs

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I feel like I haven't done a proper music post for absolutely ages so I decided to share with you all today my current top 5 songs! These are the five songs I have been listening to a lot recently.

She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds Of Summer

I am so excited for 5SOS's new album and of what I've heard so far I think it will be amazing! Money, Jet Black Heart and Fly Away are all album tracks already available on Spotify that I am loving too.

On My Mind - Ellie Goulding

On My Mind is so catchy! I love Ellie's music so I am also excited to hear her new music also. I have been playing On My Mind practically all the time since it was released last week.

Good Times - Ella Eyre

I wish this song was big in the summer because I think it would be the perfect summer anthem! Regardless, I'm really like it now and it always manages to put me in a happy mood.

What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber

This song is so catchy and I have listened to it so much recently. Whenever I listen to it it's always in my head for the rest of the day and that's not always a bad thing!

Drag Me Down - One Direction

I have of course been loving One Direction's new track recently! I've been listening to all their music since I'm going to see them in two weeks but Drag Me Down in particular has been played lots recently!

Let me know your current top songs in the comments!


  1. I recently discovered "On My Mind" and now I can't stop listening to it :D <3 All of the other songs have been on replay as well this month :D

  2. I can't wait to hear 5SOS' new album either! All of the songs they've released so far are really good! xx

  3. I have not heard any of these songs except one directions's drag me down! I will definitely check them out though :)

  4. I always find myself singing to "she's kinda hot" its very catchy =]

  5. On My Mind is such a good song!

  6. Id actually not heard any of the music in this post but my favourite songs at the minute are " Missing you " by All Time Low and "Sweeter Than Fiction" By Taylor Swift !

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. I will listen to them, I love Taylor Swift! x