Geek Girl: All That Glitters | Book Review

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Because the Geek Girl series by Holly Smale are possibly my all-time favourite books to read, I've been waiting for the release of the fourth story on paperback since I finished the third one.
You can imagine my excitement when it finally came out late August. I read it straight away and wouldn't put it down.

For those who haven't read the first three books, the Geek Girl book series now consists of four books written by Holly Smale and is taken from the point of view of Harriet Manners, who inside school is called "Geek" by her bullies, but outside of school travels around the world as a model.

In All That Glitters, Harriet starts sixth form after a magical but heart-breaking trip to New York which you can read about in the previous book. Her best (and only) friend Nat has gone off to fashion college and her 'stalker' Toby is ignoring her. To make matters worse, her nemesis Alexa is watching her every move. Will Harriet be able to fit in and make new friends?

Harriet is such a likeable character and the storyline of All That Glitters is laugh-out-loud hilarious but also sad towards the end. In this book, her friendship with Nat takes a back seat as Harriet attempts to make new friends. I was really impressed with the ending of the book, which I'll leave you to read as I like to leave my reviews as spoiler free as possible! My only disappointment with All That Glitters is the absence of Nick (Harriet's boyfriend in the first three books). I always enjoyed reading about their relationship so I missed it in this book, however the cute flashbacks almost make up for it.

I would definitely recommend you check out the whole series of Geek Girl books by Holly Smale because they are such fun reads! I don't think All That Glitters is my favourite book of the series, that would go to Picture Perfect (book three), probably because I love the New York setting!
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  1. I've never read any of the series but I have seen them around and the plot sounds really interesting ! I might have to pick one up and give it a go :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  2. I'm going to have to make a trip to the library soon because this sounds so interesting! I've been looking for a new book to get sucked in to and I really like the sound of this one :D I'll try and see if I can find the entire series :) Great review <3

    1. Thanks! I recommend you do! Let me know if you find any more good books similar x

  3. I'm writing a review of this book for school �� and stumbled across this, it definitely helped me write my own review using snippets of yours . Thanks for the inspiration .