Lipstick Love: Rimmel Nude Collection

Monday, August 17, 2015

Recently I have been loving the new Rimmel nude collection lipsticks. Rimmel claim in their nude collection there is a shade to suit every skin tone. I went for shade 43 - the tan nude and shade 45 - the rose nude. These are the third and fourth lightest out of the five shades.
Shade 43 is a brown toned nude and shade 45 is a slightly darker, pink toned nude. I love the consistency of these lipsticks, they feel really good on the lips and are also long lasting too.
The collection is distinguishable in stores by their peachy packaging, rather than the other Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks which are either red or black tubes. For only £5.49, they are really nice nudes and definitely worth trying.

Let me know your favourite lipsticks in the comments below!


  1. I sooo nearly pick one of these up and now thanks to this post I definitely will!!

  2. I have 45 and absolutely love it (came here from emsi)

  3. The packing is simple but so cute!!! It's always the packaging that gets me! :D haha. I've always wanted to try out nude lipstick but being that I have a darker skin tone I just always assumed that they wouldn't look good on me (well personally because I've seen other girls wearing them and it looks so lovely on them <3). I think I'll give this line a try. I've recently been looking for new lip product. I just recently tried out a mac lip pencil in spice and I just love how it looks!!! I'm going to try these out as well :)

    1. Great! They do a shade even darker than the ones that I have, no. 48, which is too dark for me because I am very pale but it sounds like it would be perfect for you! I'd love to hear more about your Mac lip pencil because I'd love to try one of them! Thanks

  4. These look so nice but I'm terrified of wearing lipsticks!! Haha I'm a lipstick-phobic :)
    Bobo xoxo