The Music Tag

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Today I decided to answer some questions of The Music Tag. I love music so I thought it would be a really fun tag to do!

Which band/artist do you own the most albums by?
I think definitely McFly... they have been going a lot longer than most bands I like therefore have released more albums - 5 studio albums, and that doesn't count the greatest hits and singles I have by them!

What was the last song you listened to?
Whilst I'm writing this, I'm listening to Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran, so I'll have to say that. Bloodstream is one of my favourite songs at the moment!

What was the last concert you attended?
I went to see The Vamps recently (read my review of it here). It was absolutely fantastic.

A photo of Tom at my first McFly show
What was the greatest concert you've ever been to?
I have been to so many great concerts. The first McFly concert I went to a few years ago sticks in my mind as I came away from that concert amazed. The Vamps concert I went to a couple of weeks ago was also amazing, we had such good seats since we won them and I went to the soundcheck and meet and greet to so I have to say that was the greatest for the experience! 

What's the worst concert you've ever been to?
I can't honestly say I've ever been to a bad concert so I can't really say... I've never been to a concert I haven't enjoyed!

What concerts are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to going to see McBusted in August in my hometown, and also for seeing One Direction in October; I'm very excited for them both!

Which musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
McFly! I'd love to meet them so much as they are my favourite band (along with The Vamps) and to spend a whole day with them is such a dream

What is one band/artist you've never seen live but really want to?
I would love to see Ed Sheeran live. I've heard he's great live and I don't doubt he is, so I'd love to go and see him if he tours again in the future.

Name four (or more) flawless albums:
No Sound Without Silence - The Script, Meet The Vamps - The Vamps, Motion In The Ocean - McFly, Four - One Direction, X - Ed Sheeran & 1989 - Taylor Swift. 6 of my absolute favourite albums!

How many music related DVDs do you own?
I own One Direction Up All Night Tour, One Direction: This Is Us, One Direction Where We Are tour, The Vamps tour DVD, McFly Wonderland 2005 tour and McBusted: Tourplay. Not that many but all of my favourites!

How many concerts have you been to in total?
I have been to 11 concerts in total - The Saturdays, McFly, Olly Murs, One Direction, James Arthur, McBusted, One Direction (again), The Vamps, The Script, McBusted (again) and The Vamps (again).

A photo from The Script

Who have you seen the most live?
If you count McFly and McBusted as the same people (which they are, McBusted is McFly and Busted joined together) then I'd say McFly. I've also seen One Direction twice and The Vamps twice.

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  1. Love this! I really want to see Ed Sheeran live as well :'D hopefully one day! and also the albums four and 1989 were absolutely flawless I could not agree more!!


  2. This is such a fun tag, I've never actually seen it before! Have fun seeing McBusted and 1D!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Haha I only saw it recently and thought it would be fun to do! Thank you so much Alice x

  3. I've always been a fan of McBusted!! But the never really tour the states.. I really enjoyed your post. Music is one of my favorite things as well.