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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saturday 25th April 2015 was the best day ever. Why? Not only did I attend The Vamps concert, I got to meet them and go to the soundcheck and photo experience.

I must thank The Hits radio as I wouldn't be there without them - back in October I won tickets to the show and crazily enough my parents decided to let me upgrade the tickets to the soundcheck and photo experience. I'm not showing off about this, I had to put some money towards it, and it's partly a birthday present. I am so unbelievebly grateful.

The doors for the soundcheck were said to open at 3.30pm, so we decided to go down at 2.30 to try and get a good place. A queue had already formed by the time we got there so it was lucky we went as early as we did! At doors opening time, we made another queue inside the arena until 4.15 when the soundcheck began - by which point I was very excited!

We were taken into the wow pit and I decided to stand at the back, and towards the right-middle, as although I was at the back when they performed, when The Vamps did their q&a, they came round and sat on the back of the wow pit and I decided I'd prefer to be at the front for that.
We were welcomed in by The Vamps and they said this was the most people they'd ever had - which doesn't suprise me as there seemed to be loads of us!

A photo my mum took - I'm in the bottom corner so it shows how close I was!
They performed Somebody To You and Girls On TV and then came round to do the q&a. I was incredibly lucky as Brad came down and sat right in front of me, with Connor next to him and James and Tristan over to the left side. They were so close and I couldn't believe it, I didn't even need any zoom on my camera! It was so funny and when Connor asked if anyone had any questions, he picked me to ask one which was amazing! I asked them if they had been to any good concerts recently - Connor said he went to see All Time Low and James said Sam Smith was great live a few weeks ago. The q&a felt very personal and I didn't want it to end!

At 6pm it was time for the photo experience. We were taken out of the arena and led into another room. They let so many people in and then shut the door, and I was in the first group of people to go in. When it got to my turn, I went up to Brad and hugged him, he said "hi", and I said "Hi, I'm Erin," and then he said "Erin, lovely to meet you!" I then stood between James and Tristan and had the photo. My mum was also with me, so then she came and had a photo with me - for that one she stood between James and Tristan and I stood next to Brad.
You don't get loads of time with them, but it is so worth it, the experience was amazing. I had never met any of my favourite bands until then and it was the best day ever. The soundcheck alone was worth it, but getting to hug Brad and have a photo with them all was just the best! If you're meeting them at the m&g, don't be nervous about giving them a hug and speaking to them. I was a little bit, I have to admit,  but they are so lovely!

The concert itself was also amazing and quite possibly the best I've ever been to. Thanks to The Hits radio I had the best view I'd ever had in Manchester arena (Block 102, Row J) and it was amazing.

What was my favourite part?.... Can I say all of it? I was so impressed with Tristan's drum solo, again, he is incredibly talented at drums and it is so great he gets a big solo to really showcase that. Before Lovestruck they also performed a big drum intro and that was really incredible too. Their cover of Uptown Funk was also a real highlight for me.

Overall it was an amazing show and the best day ever. If you're a huge fan of The Vamps like myself, I definitely would recommend the photo/soundcheck experience - it is understandale that it costs quite a bit, I never expected I'd ever get to do it - but it is 100% worth it, even just the soundcheck experience was amazing. Have you been to any good concerts lately?


  1. That's so cool and exciting :D I'm glad you got to see them live and in concert! I've never been to a concert but I really want to go to one soon :)


    1. Thank you so much! concerts are so fun I really recommend them haha!x

  2. you are so freaking lucky, I literally want to be you so bad

    check out my newest post

  3. Sounds like it was such an amazing experience, meeting them must have been so exciting!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

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    1. Ooh maybe Wild Heart or High Hopes! Thank you x

  5. This sounds sooo good, I wish I had got tickets

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