Three Favourite Lip Products

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hey guys! Today I am going to be showing you my favourite 3 lip products I have been using at the moment. They are all quite different - different types and different brands, so there is something for everyone.

First of all I have been loving my Seventeen lip crayon. I have owned this a while now but never decided to really use it until recently and I have no idea why! I love the fact it gives my lips a hint of colour but, because it is a crayon, it doesn't feel really wet and sticky so I don't get my hair stuck to it! My only problem is it does dry my lips a little being a crayon, but that's probably just because I have quite dry lips anyway. If you are like me you could apply a little layer of lip balm before applying the crayon and it will be fine.

I also love my Tanya Burr lip gloss. I have it in the shade 'Afternoon Tea' which is a really nice light pink colour and it is really nice on your lips. I have read quite a few opinions of this shade saying it's too pale but I actually disagree! I really like it and I am a really pale person! However if you are one of those who don't like a light shade there is such a diverse range of shades in Tanya's collection so there's a shade for everyone. I definitely reccomend you take a look at Tanya' lip glosses if you haven't already because they are so great!

The third lip product I have been loving is this SuperDry lip glaze in the shade 'Punk Pink'. I got this for Christmas in a set with a nail polish.
It costs £10 for the nail polish and lip glaze set, but on it's own a lip glaze would be £7.50 so I think it's really good value to buy the 'lip&tip' set together. 
The lip glaze is a really bright pink shade and very pigmented so I definitely wouldn't reccomend that you put very much on unless you wanted a really bold pink lip. The good thing is because it is a lip glaze it is really easy to apply and spread across your lip with the brush. At first I thought it looked really complicated compared to my simple lipglosses but it is actually a really clever design and I love it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some lip products I have been loving lately! Make sure you follow my blog over on bloglovin' for more blogposts and also comment below your favourite lip product and any reccomendations you have!


  1. Where can you buy the Tanya burr lip gloss? Btw, really enjoyed reading this post x

    1. Superdrug or <3 thank you, it means a lot :) x