McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour || Concert Review

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last night (21st March) I went to see McBusted perform at the Manchester arena. *This blogpost will contain spoilers to what happens on their tour so I would advise you don't read if you want a suprise when you go to see them.* Their album has definitely grown on me a lot since I first bought it... at first I only liked a couple of songs but now I like all but one! I was so excited to see them perform live again as I knew they would be great live - I've been to see McFly at their Keep Calm Play Louder 2012 tour and McBusted last year - and they failed to dissapoint me.
But was the second McBusted tour better than the first?

I honestly didn't know how this tour was going to better the last. Last year they had a UFO B-Stage, they entered in a Delorean (Back To The Future idea) and the little video clips were hilarious. What were they going to add this year to make it better?

McBusted came on stage in an arcade game theme. On the screens it selected a different player (each member of the band), and they came appeared on stage over a coloured spotlight and it looked really good. They started the set with Air Guitar and it was fantastic. They then did Hate Your Guts - a song which I'm still not the hugest fan of but it has grown on me and I did find myself singing along. They then performed One For The Radio which I hoped they would play as it is one of my favourite songs and I especially love it live. It was amazing and I'm so happy Tom and Danny still sung all of their parts! Don't worry McFly fans, Busted didn't 'ruin it' like some people I heard were worried about!

My favourite part of the concert was when they were on the
B-Stage. The UFO was amazing last year so I was so happy when I saw there would be another B-Stage this year. Having a B-Stage in an arena is such a good idea for the people further to the back of the arena. This year I was sat on the right side of the arena and had a really good view of the B-Stage. They came onto the B-Stage in another Delorean car and performed Air Hostess, What I Go To School For, Obviously and Beautiful Girls Are The Lonliest. I absolutely loved Obviously, being a McFly song of course, but Beautiful Girls Are The Lonliest (a McBusted track) was possibly my favourite moment of the whole show. Tom, Matt, Dougie and Harry had left the B-Stage leaving just James and Danny on their guitars and it was fantastic. The crowd put their lights on their phones and the floor of the B-Stage was covered in dry ice which looked like clouds so it was truly magical. 

They also played quite a few McFly songs towards the end - All About You, Star Girl (my favourite song ever), Five Colours In Her Hair and Shine A Light so in total they sang 6 McFly songs (the same amount as the last tour), 6 McBusted songs and 7 Busted songs. The show definitely made me remember how much I love them and how much I love seeing them live. Was it as good as the last tour? Yes, it was as good, maybe not better, but it definitely did equal it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any concerts that you've been to in the comments below; especially if you have been to see McFly or McBusted! I would definitely reccommend going to see them on tour as at a McBusted show it is so fun. It's not just the music at their concerts but the amazing production that goes into it. Thank you for reading and if you are going to see McBusted this tour, have fun!


  1. Even though I haven't heard many McBusted songs (and not many of the songs from the two separate bands), this appeals to me! Looks like you had a great time! Xx

  2. I'm so jealous! I wish I could have gone to see them. Did you have fun at the script concert too?! XD

    1. Yes I did thank you, they were amazing too! x