LIVESOS - 5 Seconds Of Summer || Review

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today I am going to be reviewing one of my favourite albums at the moment, LIVESOS by 5 Seconds Of Summer. This is a live cd which includes many songs off the 5 Seconds Of Summer album or B-Sides. It was recorded when they played in Los Angeles at The Forum. I was quite excited when I heard they were doing a live cd as seeing them support One Direction on both the Take Me Home and the Where We Are tour so I am without a doubt impressed with their live album. 5 Seconds Of Summer are definitely a good live band and you can really tell that none of their songs are autotuned by this cd.

Because most of the songs on the album I'd already heard, I already knew what my favourite songs would be. My favourites are 18, Disconnected and Everything I Didn't Say just because they are my favourite 5 Seconds Of Summer songs anyway.
Apart from them I also love the live versions of Out Of My Limit, Long Way Home and Amnesia especially. 
I am also obsessed with What I Like About You and although I do actually prefer it live, I'm so happy they included a studio version of it too. I love the way it starts with the crowd cheering, it really excited me for the song!

A photo of Ashton taken when I saw them support One Direction on the Where We Are Tour

My only disapointment of the album is it doesn't include Don't Stop?! I was so shocked to not see it on the track list since it is one of their singles and also my favourite of the songs they have released so it was a shame to not see it there.
I also really like the fact they kept some of the parts where they speak to the crowd parts at the beginning of some of the tracks as it made the live disc feel like in a way, you were really there and they were interacting with you.
I hope you enjoyed my post and it encouraged you to listen to 5 Seconds Of Summer! Honestly before I started listening to their music I didn't really like them but I am into them quite a lot now so I'd love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments! Thank you for reading,

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