My New Favourite Book || Love, Tanya

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I recently got Tanya Burr's new book, Love, Tanya. I'm so proud of her book. Tanya has achieved so much recently from her make-up range to her book and she deserves it all. Tanya Burr is one of my favourite YouTubers at the moment, I have watched her for a long time but never really noticed how good her videos are until quite recently. Her make-up is always perfect and her videos are really interesting and fun. However enough about her videos, today I will be talking about her book.

Love, Tanya is different to any other book I own. Tanya has written about various different things - from love, to confidence, to essential make-up items. They are all split into different chapters which is really helpful if you are wanting to read a certain aspect of the book. I love that Tanya writes about so many different topics, it makes it more interesting and sets it out from all the other books out there - it's not a typical autobiography as although we hear about the story of her life, she also has tips and advice of make-up, hair and fashion. It is the ideal book if you just fancy a bit of a read but not a whole book as you could pick up the book and start at any page.

One of my favourite things about the book are the photos. There are so many cute photos of Tanya in the book where she is wearing the most gorgeous outfits, I especially like the one before the Life chapter of her in the floral dress, it's very pretty.

I also love the way you can personalise your own book as there are sections to write your own notes alongside Tanya's about your favourite things, from your childhood memories to fashion items.

I have so many favourite chapters in the book. One of my favourites is the growing up chapter, I found it so interesting to read what Tanya was like as a child! I also really like the love chapter about how Tanya and Jim got together as it is so cute! I loved her chapter about friendship because similarly, I found it interesting to read about how she met Zoe. The chapter on fashion is also a personal favourite of mine as that is something I am really into too.

I really love Tanya's book as it is so personal to her and it is so well written. When watching Tanya's video's I often feel like I'm just watching a friend and her book makes you feel that way too.

Have you read Love, Tanya? I'd love to hear your opinions of the book in the comments section below. I'd also love to hear some things you'd like to see me blog about in the future, I have quite a few planned blogpost ideas but I'd love to hear what you would like to read too. Thank you so much for reading,


  1. Great post and review! I have been wanting to buy this book and now I definitely have to get it! :D

    1. Thank you! You definitely should get it, I hope you enjoy it! <3 x

  2. Great post!! Now I really want to buy this haha! Xx