What I Got For Christmas || 2014

Friday, January 02, 2015

Hey guys! A few days ago it was the best day of the whole year... Christmas of course! I thought it would be a cute idea to show you all what presents I got. I'm not bragging about what I got as I am grateful for everything I have received this year. I always love watching and reading everyone's Christmas hauls so I thought it would be interesting to do one too. I won't list everything I got but my favourites.

Zoella Beauty
First of all for Christmas I got some of Zoe's beauty range. From my mum and dad I got the candle and the bath soak and from my auntie I got the blue beauty bag and the body lotion. They all smell so lovely, especially the bath soak and I am really enjoying using them! I'm planning to do a review of them soon after I hopefully use some of my Christmas money to get the body mist and bath fizzers.

Girl Online
Something I was really excited to get for Christmas was Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online and I was so happy when I got it. I actually finished it in one day by the night of Christmas Day, it was so good I could not stop reading! I'm thinking of doing a review of Girl Online very soon too so let me know if you would like that!

SuperDry Hoodie & Vest
My favourite clothing shop is SuperDry so I was so happy this year to receive 2 items of clothing from SuperDry. I got a hoodie which I absolutely love, it is so comfortable! My mum bought me this because my other two SuperDry hoodies are zip-up but this one isn't so it's a bit different and I love the colours of it too. I also got a vest which I am so excited to wear in the summer.

Beats Headphones
One of my favourite things I got are my new beats headphones. My mum and dad had dropped hints that I might get them so I was so excited. They are wireless and you can control the sound (pause, play, skip etc.) on the headphones themself so I found that so good. They are silver, the colour I wanted so I was really happy about that. The sound quality of them is amazing and the only thing I don't like about them is they are heavier than the normal ones but I think I can get used to that.

Olly Murs - Never Been Better
I had asked for Olly Murs' new CD and I am so happy that I now have it. I haven't listened to it all yet but I love Up, his new single with Demi Lovato so if the rest of the album is as good as that it will be a very good album. Maybe I'll do a review of his album if you would like it.

 Jack Wills Lip Balms & Nail Polishes
I had asked for some of the Jack Wills range in boots and I got the mug and socks for my birthday so for Christmas from my auntie I received the lipbalm trio and set of 2 nail polishes. The lipbalms feel and smell really nice and the nail polishes are lovely colours.

For Christmas I got two DVDs, The Fault In Our Stars and One Direction: Where We Are Live From San Siro. I read The Fault In Our Stars book a while back and loved it and I have been saying I want the One Direction dvd for ages so I was so happy to get both of them and I can't wait to watch them.  


Seventeen Lip Glosses
From my nan I got this set off 6 mini lip glosses by Seventeen.
 They are lovely shades, I especially the lighter three and I can't wait to use them. I also really love the Seventeen packaging.

McBusted Canvas
Possibly my favourite present was one I certainly wasn't expecting... my McBusted canvas! My mum got me this big canvas with lots of photos on which we took when we saw them in concert and I love it so much, it was a complete suprise and I can't wait to hang it on my wall!

So these are my favourite things I got for Christmas! I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost, I always enjoy reading what other people bought. Speak soon!