Christmas Gift Stocking Ideas

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be showing you some gift ideas for Christmas which you could get in your stocking or give to your best friend. They aren’t going to be big gifts but smaller stocking sized ones. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but I’m quite a girly teenage girl so if you are similar to me, you might like them too.

If you like music like I do, a CD would be a good present for Christmas. CDs generally cost about £10 and lots of artists bring out their new albums towards Christmas time.

A couple of my favourite CDs at the moment are Four by 
One Direction and X by Ed Sheeran

Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are really pretty and smell amazing so they are a great present for a teenage girl like me. You can get really nice bath bombs at Lush. The bath bomb in the photo below is by a brand called ‘Bomb Cosmetics’ who have a range in a shop near me. Their bath bomb range are shaped in things like cupcakes and ice-creams, and they recently have some winter inspired bath bombs which are shaped like snowmen too and they are really cute.

Bomb cosmetics cupcake bath bomb
I’m not book crazy but at the minute there are some really good books out for teenage girls. I’ve asked for Zoe Sugg’s book Girl Online for Christmas and if you like Zoe like I do that would be a great present. Some of my favourite books are Geek Girl and The Fault In Our Stars, featured below.

My birthday was a couple of months ago and now I received quite a few pairs of socks! You could get fluffy socks which are really cute and cosy for the winter time or frilly socks which are featuted below. My favourite place for frilly socks is Topshop, they have a great range of colours and are really good quality.

Topshop blue frilly socks

I really like pretty sets of pens and notepads and I think that’s a really good present to give as it’s hard to go wrong. You can always use a new pen for school. Paperchase is my favourite stationery shop as their ranges are always really pretty and cute.

Notepad from Paperchase and Stabilo pens pack of 20,
which I bought from Wilkinsons for £9.75 (cheaper than 
avarage stationery shops for Stabilo pens)
Zoella Beauty
My favourite YouTuber is Zoella and her beauty range is really pretty. She does makeup bags, body mist and bath fizzers along with other items too. I’ve asked for some for Christmas and I’m really excited to get some.

Zoella's range

Hollister Perfume
The pricest item on my list is Hollister perfume. I got the Pure Cali perfume for my birthday and it is the nicest smelling thing ever. It is amazing! It is a small enough size for a stocking but is quite expensive at £24. If you like the Hollister scent, which I love, you would love this.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has inspired you <3

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