One Direction Four | Album Review

Thursday, November 27, 2014

This month all I have been listening to is One Direction’s new album ‘Four'.
As part of my Top Ten Songs back in October, I mentioned Steal My Girl, One Direction's latest single. I thought that it was pretty good and if it was anything to go by it could be a good album. I didn’t really like Midnight Memories that much because other than Best Song Ever and Don’t Forget Where You Belong, none of the songs really wowed me on the first listen and I didn’t like the rockier, guitar-riff sound to songs such as Midnight Memories and Little Black Dress. 

However, Four was not what I expected. It was much better than what I expected. I had only listened to the chorus of some of the songs and was already deeply impressed by the album. Four shows that One Direction have matured and developed musically since Up All Night and is a lot less “teen-poppy” that the critics say that is all they are. Take Me Home was my favourite One Direction album and I didn’t expect them to ever beat it but I think it’s possible they may have with Four.

Some of my favourite songs include Ready To Run, which the intro really reminds me of Story Of My Life, but I think the song is amazing and I hope they release it as a single. Other favourites include of course, Steal My Girl, the first single taken from this album, and the new single Night Changes which I absolutely love, especially the lyrics. I also love the music video for it; I’m often not overly keen on One Direction’s music videos but this one could possibly be my favourite of them all now, which the Live While We’re Young video used to be. You can watch the Night Changes video here:

I am glad I decided to get the deluxe edition of Four as two of my other favourite tracks from the album are Change My Ticket and Act My Age. Change My Ticket is really catchy and has a great beat and although I’m not so keen on the lyrics at the start of Act My Age, the chorus is amazing and I like the Irish themed verses. Another song I must mention is Stockholm Syndrome. It is definitely one of my favourites as it has a good rhythm to it and their voices sound incredible on it so it’s one of the songs I’ve been going back to listen to often.
The only thing I feel it is lacking is a song wrote by McFly! We have I Want on Up All Night, I Would on Take Me Home and Don’t Forget Where You Belong on Midnight Memories so being a big McFly fan I would always look forward to the McFly penned song on the One Direction album so I was a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get one this time but maybe the album is good enough already!

So that’s it! I hoped you enjoyed an album review; there are some more amazing albums I’ve been loving recently so you may see some more reviews in the upcoming future. Thanks for reading and please comment below any music you recommend I listen to and also your thoughts on Four too!

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